November 10th, 2012Glad you made it!  This is the first step towards a new and better YOU!...
November 10th, 2012We're glad you're here. we're looking forward to helping you reach your fitness goals....


Fitness Plus is the "made to order" solution for reaching your health and fitness goals.

Today, many Americans are concerned about their health, yet many don't know what to do about it or simply just don't do it... we're here to help.

* Full service fitness equipment
* No crowds
* Top notch fitness trainers

About Our Services

If you’re ready to make a change, We’re ready to help you. Fill out some basic information below, and we'll get started. In the mean time, let us tell you more about how we work with clients.

Join The Fitness Plus Experience - How It Works

Every client we work with is unique. Some people are lost and confused about what they need to do to achieve their goals. Others know exactly what to do, but competing priorities and negative thoughts and perceptions hold them back from getting there.

How we work together largely depends on you. Customized to your unique situation, challenges, and aspirations we normally assist in one of three ways:


Perhaps this is your first attempt at getting healthy and you're unsure what to do. Maybe you've tried in the past and failed to acheive your goals. Maybe you're just too busy to concern yourself with all the ins and outs of what it actually takes to become the fitter, healthier person you desire to be. We can help with one on one - hands on assistance in and out of the gym. We'll work with you and coordinate the five stages of acheiving optimum health and fitness: Nutrition, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Recovery, and Beliefs.


You're pretty self motivated, and you know how to do most exercises. You really don't need assistance all the time but a refresher now and then would sure be great. We can help by providing a program designed to reach your goals and an individual training session to make sure you've got it down.


Maybe you could benefit from additional expertise but your schedule doesn't match our availability. Maybe you're going out of town and want to know what to do in that great workout facility they have at Hotel "Neato-Keano". Perhaps you're self-motivated and self-disciplined... you simply don't need someone to "crack the whip" for you. By the way; you know the rest of the world hates you, right?

Whichever level of assistance you choose, our desire is always to get you a bigger return on your investment of time and training.